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Delfin Rosales

Computer Technician

IT Consultant - Web Developer


540 219 4492

Repairs and Recovery

Any and all computers will fail at some point. Not much any of us can do about it. So very often it means the loss of records, albums, photographs, movies, etcetera

Some Computer Brands

Whether a hardware or software misfunction leave you out of your own computer, I can help you recover your documents and other files, as well as advice on if the computer can be brought back to normal functioning.

Free Consultation

My policy is straightforward, if I am unable to help you recover your files and/or your computer, you will not be charged at all. Nada!

Competitive fees

My workshop is located within my home, yet it is equipped with all the necessary tools that technology offers. This fact permits me to provide my services at better rates than most others. Click here to display the schedule of fees.

Experienced and Professional

My first contact with a PC occurred in 1986.
Since then, I have dealt with all sort of computer problems both hardware and software. I assume all tasks, small and large, with the same enthusiasm and focus.

IT Consulting

Decision making requires accurate information in order to succeed. This is specially relevant when it comes to Information Technology decisions.

As a Consultant I like to sit with my clients and draw information about their needs and expectations, both for the present as for the future.
Understanding clearly the clients' needs, supporting their vision with the right tools, helping them implement, deploy, and manage their systems, that is the job of a Consultant.

My focus then is on advising my clients on how to maximize the use of technology to meet their objectives. I support and nurture them from the very beginning of the project till the end, and deliver the project not only in the scope, time, and cost but also with a complete customer satisfaction.

Web Developer

Today's Web Standards allow for the creation of dynamic, beautiful, responsive Websites with content for all sort of audiences using both desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile devices.

With a little research you will be able to find plenty of on-line companies offering complete turn-key solutions that require little or no programming on your part yet fulfilling the need of exposure to a wide range of Internet users.

But if your needs extend beyond the fit-for-all solutions and want to go through your options, professional advice is available for you. I will present you with cost effective ways to build and deploy a solid, stable, and reliable web presence.
No job is too small or too large, guaranteed.


Our world is interconnected. Wired networks, wireless networks, local networks, the Internet!
Modems, routers, wireless routers, entry points, bridges, repeaters... and the list goes on...

I can help you in the setup or repair of your local network, your computers, and devices as well as secure your network against intruders, so you can get the peace of mind that your computers and devices are secured by the latest security technology.

My preferred anti-virus software is Avast Anti-Virus


Storing and safeguarding information is the nervous system of every aspect of our life. From the Contacts List of our mobile devices to the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), the information is stored in a Database.

Keeping that information from prying eyes - or worse-, while been able to access your data might seem challenging, yet is a daily practice for thousand of professionals around the globe, I included.
As a LAMP Developer I can help with the tasks of crating a secure interface to manage your Database, as well as assist you in the initial setup and installation of a new Database.